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Dreamer Blog Series: Stephen Rong


Interview/Article by Jocelle Koh Edited by Michael W. Veronin Translation by Carolyn Ting Triple-threat artist Stephen Rong discusses how he is succeeding in his entertainment career through daily hard work and total dedication to the performing arts. He further emphasizes how one always must avoid self-indulgence in a “pity party” and be willing to “takeaway”

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Meiwa Music: The Dreamer Project Part 1 [Steve Soh]


The Dreamer Project Part 1: Steve蘇穩璋 **Part 1: The Dream Project is a blog series that interviews collaborators who have worked with Meimeiwawa in some way or another, and embody the true spirit of perseverance and headstrong which we believe are needed to achieve one’s dreams. Perhaps they are particularly serious about doing music that is

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Still Better Than Love Diary #2: Qilong


奇隆 Qilong (English Version) I’m not too fussed about specifics for my future girlfriend. As long as she’s kind, thoughtful and loves me, that’s enough. I’ve met several who fit the bill before, but I’ve actually… never been in an actual relationship. Why? Beats me. It just didn’t feel right, or sometimes I was just

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Still Better Than Love Diary #1: Tang


棠 Tang(English Version)   He left me. He goddamn straight-up left me. All because the chip’s not working anymore. It was a sign, he said. We weren’t meant to be, he said. I should never have bought into this nonsense. I only agreed because our relationship was on the rocks and I didn’t know how

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Where Do We Go (Ukelele Version) available online 4/27!



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Lara Veronin-‘Where Do We Go’ Tabs (With Pinyin)


For all Meiwa’s musical friends out there, it’s time to try your hand at ‘Where Do We Go’! To celebrate the release of the Ukelele version of ‘Where Do We Go’, we’ve prepared some chord tabs of ‘Where Do We Go’ so that everyone can learn to play it and sing along with Lara! For

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NEW SEASON: Meiwa Diaries


After a hiatus, the second season of Meiwa Diaries is back! Lara’s back from Australia, and tensions are rising between the sisters.

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LARA VERONIN’S NEW SINGLE OUT: Where Do We Go (English Version)


Check out the English version of Lara Veronin’s latest single ‘Where Do We Go’.

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LARA VERONIN’S NEW SINGLE OUT: Where Do We Go (Chinese Version)


Check out the Chinese version of Lara Veronin’s latest single ‘Where Do We Go’.

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NEW VIDEO:【Lara】Nostalgia Mashup


“Nostalgia Mashup” is one of the first musical works Lara has recorded upon returning from her soul-searching journey; and is a song rich with her experiences during that period.

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Welcome to Meimeiwawa Multimedia!


We are a multilingual, multicultural media channel, exploring the lives of two sisters (sometimes frienemies) in Taipei’s entertainment industry. Join us in our life of laughing, loving, creating, and sibling rivalry.

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